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How to Make Thai Coffee

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Authentic Thai coffee is called Oliang. The easiest way to make Thai Coffee is to use Oliang Power Mix. The Oliang powder looks like regular coffee grounds, just not as finely ground. The mix contains Coffee, Corn, and Soya Bean. This can be found in most Asian Markets, or use the links below.

To make Thai coffee:

4 tablespoons of Oliang mix
1 cup boiling water
3-4 teaspoons of sugar
Whole Milk, or Half and Half

Mix the coffee and hot water in a large cup. Wait 5-8 minutes and strain using a fine mesh strainer, or a coffee filter. You CAN brew it in a coffee maker, but the coffee won’t be as strong as it should, and the coffee doesn’t drip through as quikly as regular coffee. You can also get something called a Tea Sock (see below)

Thai Coffee is served over ICE!

Thai Iced Coffee Mix
This is a 1 pound bag. Sells for under $3

Get this Coffee

Thai Tea ‘Sock’

This is for Thai Tea, but can be used for Thai Coffee.

Get this coffee strainer.

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