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Black Cat Espresso – Intelligentsia

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Ah, Black Cat Espresso, the espresso you will often hear recommended by those experienced in the home brewing of good espresso. If you judge by the name Black Cat you would think this is over-roasted burnt espresso beans, but Black Cat Espresso not your standard espresso! This has a smooth and mysterious personality unlike all of the other typical espresso beans.

Black Cat Classic Espresso describes itself as a “…syrupy sweet espresso blend“, which is fitting for such a well balanced espresso. Grown in Minas Gerais Brazil, and Ethiopia from Yellow Bourbon Arabica coffee beans.


This Intelligentsia coffee came from – Direct Trade coffee by mail. The NeedCaffeine website is the only place you can get Intelligentsia coffee online. Located in Chicago, Illinois.

You’ll make good home espresso with this Black Cat espresso and will know why real authentic espresso drinkers recommend, as we now do, the Black Cat espresso.

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