Got this as a FREE sample from the Dunkin Donuts website. The sample is enough to make 2 cups of coffee.

The Smell: Smells less strong than you would think with it being called Dunkin Turbo. It isnt a DARK roast, but a medium roast.

The Taste: This is a ‘simulated’  Dunkin Turbo that you can get at the actual Dunkin Donuts store, but this isn’t a REAL turbo shot of coffee – it isn’t coffee with extra caffeine, but the taste is similar to getting a coffee with a shot of espresso. Still, a mild brew in that it isn’t STRONG tasting like a DARK roast. The taste is smooth with a solid coffee taste. Coffee was prepared using the French Press method of making coffee (the BEST way to get the most honest taste of a coffee).

The Price: Free – it was a FREE sample from their website.

Recommended? Yes, as long as it is the same price as their other regular take-home coffee. Do not spend extra on this as there isn’t any ‘extra’ caffeine or anything.