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Encaff Energy Stix

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This is a NEW caffeine product from EncaffEnergy. A ready-to-eat caffeine product in a flavored powder format. Requires NO water or mixing – just open and consume!
Here is our review of this new caffeine product:

The Facts: Two 3g packets for $2.99. Contains 75Mg of caffeine per packet, equal to an 8oz cup of coffee. Sprinkle it on your tongue to consume.

Sight and Smell: Looks just like a individual drink mix packet,when poured out it looks like the contents of  Pixie Stix, pink and powdered. Smells fruity like candy.

The Taste: Tastes a little like Pixie Stix, but a little more powder and a little less sugar. Black Cherry Flavor. Amazingly there is NO caffeine taste – some caffeine mints have a distinct caffeine taste – the EncaffEnergy Stix have managed to hide the bitter caffeine taste – VERY GOOD!

The Aftertaste: None.

Summary: A GREAT new caffeine product which is very portable – as in bring it on travel trips, theme parks and anywhere you may want a caffeine pick-me-up and do not want all the sugar or taste of an energy drink. Only 10 calories per packet. Very easy to consume.

Very Recommended!

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