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Just Got the Folgers Fresh Breaks Coffee

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August 2013 – This offer for the free coffee was attached to a large can of Folgers coffee grounds sold in the grocery store. At first look, it seems like the Folgers version of the Starbucks VIA, you know, the ready brew instant coffee which is made from real coffee beans. The pack we got was the Breakfast Blend. The box contained eight individual packets of concentrated coffee – the packets look like the single serve sport drink mixes. With these coffee packets you just need to add hot water in an 8oz cup, add the packet, and stir.

There are not many details on what is in this packet. The box says 100% pure coffee, which could mean a better instant coffee, or a blend of robusta and arabica coffee.

The taste was much like your standard instant coffee. Compared to the VIA, this one is less ‘real brew’ tasting, and slightly better than a bitter instant coffee. We guess this is really finely ground coffee that dissolves in hot water – which also happens with instant freeze dried coffee. There was some bitterness in the coffee, so we wouldn’t choose this over an auto drip cup of coffee.

We think this makes a very portable instant coffee that you could bring on camping trips or unexpected vacations to non-coffee drinking relatives.

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