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Foosh Energy Mints

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Caffeine mints. No, We mean CAFFEINE MINTS. These are ultra loaded with caffeine.

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Foosh Energy Mints Review:

The Facts: $2.29 for the tin of 12 mints. More caffeine than tea, cola, and Red Bull. 100mg of caffeine per mint!

Sight and Smell: Looks like a Certs mint with energy crystals. Smells like a regular mint.

The Taste: Minty, and some of that caffeine taste, more than a regular weak caffeine mint. Real minty if you chew it. Have some water ready if you do so.

The Aftertaste: None – the mint turns into a rough textured candy about 1/2 way through.

Summary: A perfect thing to have when you are somewhere and NEED that coffee (caffeine). Seriously, when a coffee craving (caffeine craving) kicks in, have one of these and you’ll be fine. Of course if you really like the coffee you will still want to have a coffee – hard to replace an actual coffee. Highly recommended as part of your emergency caffeine back-up plan.

Soon to be Popular Phrases:

Need a Foosh
“Looks like someone needs a Foosh!”

Wake Up!
“Wake the Foosh up!”

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