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Ghirardelli Espresso Escape

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A chocolate with a cool name – they also have Toffee Interlude, Citrus Sunset, and Twilight Delight (all of those ones are non-coffee based). With such cool names they know you will want to buy it and try it.

The Facts:

3.5 oz (100g) Bar 60% Cacao. Intense Dark. May contain trace amounts of tree nuts and milk. ?? May?? Did they manufacture this in the dark and are not sure what went into the mix? Try Walmart to get it for $1.98, or pay double that amount direct from the Ghirardelli store.

Sight and Sound:

Open the thin cardboard wrapper to reveal a gold foil wrapper containing dark chocolate.

The Taste:

Tastes like semi-sweet chocolate. Says it has ground espresso beans in the chocolate. Couldn’t taste the coffee – the chocolate taste is too intense.

Other Info:

Moments of Timeless Pleasureā„¢ – um, if they say so.

Final Comments:

Worth a small sample taste – just not coffee enough as it seems it would be. Real cool cover though. Fancy Fancy!

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