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Java Monster Russian

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 These are all new, following the release of their Big Black, Loca Mocha, and Mean Bean.

The Facts:

15 oz can for $2.49 – Serving size is about 8 oz.

Sight and Sound:

Looks very dark colored. The NON-ALCOHOLIC version of your favorite coffee coctail. Sounds like a soda can when you open it, except there is no fizz.

The Taste:

Hardly like coffee, well… ok, a little coffee tasting, but seems watered down.

Other Info:

The caffeine level seems minimal – does not compare to a regular cup of coffee in the way of energy. Also has those typical energy drink contents: Taurine, Ginseng, B12, Guarana. 200 calories per can

Final Comments:

Try it once and move on to something else. Their Chai Hai is really good, but it isn’t coffee.

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