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Kiss Coffee – Black Diamond

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This was purchased and consumed many years ago and just came across the photos that were taken for review purposes.

The coffee variety here is ‘Black Diamond’, named for the KISS song from their 1st LP. The coffee is appropriately Dark French Roast. As cool as you would think KISS coffee would be, it is just a regular garden variety coffee like Folgers or Maxwell House French Roast. The thing that makes the coffee seem better is having the KISS Coffee bag nearby as you drink the coffee. The psychological effect is minimal.

For the best experience you would want to buy it and drink it in the actual Kiss Coffee House, Myrtle Beach, SC.

Rock and Roll all Night, Drink Coffee Every Day.


The job application form on the official Kiss Coffee House is worth checking out:

Kiss Coffee, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Paul Stanley, Peter Criss.

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