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Koh-Kae Coffee Nuts

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Just like the can says “Peanuts Coffee Flavour Coated. It is peanuts coated with some weird candy like shell. Contains 1% instant coffee. Barely has a coffee taste.

The Facts:

$2.99 for a can.

Sight and Sound:

CRUNCH CRUNCH. Looks like a M&M Peanut minus the color and glossy coating.

The Taste:

Like a peanut, with an unknown coating, something like those Burnt Peanuts (see candy aisle for more info).

Other Info:

Expected a coffee taste. Can’t detect the coffee at all. Sounds like a cool coffee snack, but it is just peanuts with a candy-like coating.

Final Comments:

Hard to find coffee snack. Cool can though. You may find these in a chinese specialty store or something.

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