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Kona Creme Gum

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17 sticks of Coffee Flavored Gum from Wrigley’s DoubleMint.

You’ll note from our picture that we just couldn’t wait to try it before taking a picture of the package.
Also note:  that brown wad on the package is our gum after 2 minutes of chewing. The’coffee’ flavor wears out after about 1 minute of chewing.

Taste: Like very milky instant coffee

Smell: Like a cup of finished coffee that has been sitting for a few days. (read: stale, old)

Ingredients: Sugar, Gum Base, Corn Syrup, less than 2% Coffee Powder.

The less than 2% Coffee Powder is a clear indication that this gum has nothing to do with coffee or caffeine. It is just a products with a real cool name that will get the attention of coffee drinkers.

We cannot recommend this product. By the time you read this review it will no longer be for sale in stores.

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