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POMx Iced Coffee

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This is the NEW coffee product from POMx.

They somehow managed to add an extract of pomegranate with iced coffee to make POMx Iced Coffee.

Three flavors: Chocolate, Cafe au Lait, and Vanilla.

The Facts: Contains 650mg of polyphenol antioxidants from pomegranates (MORE that green tea!), 175mg caffeine – equal to a good cup of coffee! Made with Rainforest Alliance Certified Arabica coffee beans, growth hormone-free milk and organic cane sugar. Bottle size 10.5 oz – Single serving.

Sight, Sound, and Smell:
The bottle is brown plastic so you cant see the contents, but it is brown liquid, like a coffee. Makes no sound – its not carbonated! Smells like an iced coffee, the vanilla one had less of a coffee smell. The pomegranate is an extract, its NOT coffee and juice!!! Think: Healthy Healthy.

Taste: Smooth and cold, like an iced coffee, minus the ice and PLUS the extra health benefit. The Cafe au Lait was the best tasting as it had the strongest coffee taste.

A great new coffee product with a Healthy edge. You can drink it quite fast and get a quick health buzz. The container is quite unique too. Took the Cafe au Lait to the beach for a POMx Iced Coffee photo shoot. Both the sun and the POMx were quite cooperative.

Look for it in stores!


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