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Silky Black – Boss Coffee

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A really slick looking aluminum container for coffee. Not much information written in English but you can tell it is COFFEE because it was sold in the coffee section at Disney World, Epcot. The word COFFEE does not appear anywhere on the product.

The Price: $3.99 for 100g, about 8oz

The Smell and Sound: Since it is a cold coffee, there is little smell, and there is no sound (no fizz or anything)

The Taste: Even though the name says Silky Black, we somehow thought it would have some kind of creamer and sugar, it had neither. It tasted like someone poured leftover coffee from this mornings auto drip into a fancy bottle and put it up for sale. It was rather bitter and watered down.

Other Information: Container reads: Stylish, Intelligent, Luxurious, Keeps you Relaxed. Made by Suntory,, zero calorie.

Final Comment: LOOKS good, tastes like old coffee.

The Silky Black BOSS from Japan

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