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Starbucks VIA Vs Nescafe Instant

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Here is the comparison of Starbucks VIA and Nescafe Clasico coffee. Starbucks did the VIA Vs. real brew, we’ve done the VIA vs. Instant coffee. We used the VIA packet received during the Starbucks VIA Challenge – Columbian Blend. The Nescafe is the Clasico Instant, fresh jar of instant coffee.

Pictured here is the coffee side by side.

As you can see the Starbucks is darker.

Note: The Starbucks VIA had the smell of a FRESH bag of Starbucks coffee
The Nescafe Clasico had the smell of day old coffee.

Close-up Photo of the Nescafe Clasico Instant Coffee
Note the big chunks of freeze dried coffee

Close-up of the Starbucks VIA coffee
Note the fine power consistency
VIA is real coffee beans, ground to a powder

This is both the Nescafe and Starbucks VIA just after adding hot water
The Nescafe looks ‘flat’, the Starbucks VIA looks like a fresh brew.

This is both coffees with skim milk added.
The Nescafe looks pale, and the Starbucks VIA looks darker

Conclusion: When compared side by side the Starbucks VIA is much better and closer to a real brewed cup of coffee. The Nescafe is okay on its own, but horrid when there is a Starbucks VIA involved. Sight, smell, and taste – Starbucks VIA wins!

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