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Starbucks Yukon Blend

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The Starbucks Organic Yukon Blend. The bag labels this as Hearty, Well-Rounded and Bold. Is it accurate? Are there really that many different tasting coffee beans? Does it TASTE organic? Can you TELL it is from Yukon?? Ok, it doesn’t have to answer all of those questions to be a good coffee. The coffee, brewed in a French Press coffee maker, does taste different. It isn’t the standard Starbucks coffee you get in the stores (Pikes Peak). The taste is smooth, and as the bag says, Well-Rounded. It isn’t the smokey harsh taste you often get with Starbucks coffee. While it doesn’t ‘scream’ unique, it is a good alternate to your regular coffee.

The coffee isn’t grown in Yukon!
It is a blend of Latin American and Indonesian Coffee

Picture of the Yukon Organic Coffee from Starbucks


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