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Super Instant Ginseng Coffee

Posted: 02/25 11:40 AM EST   |   Coffee Reviews

An interesting coffee seen at a local Oriental grocery store – Super Instant Ginseng Coffee.

Price: 5.99 for a bag containing 20 sachets, each sachet making 1 cup of coffee.

Product Information: A product of Singapore, 90 calories per cup of coffee. Contains instant coffee, sugar, instant creamer, and ginseng extract, all in a powder form. Made by Super Coffee Incorporated, Super Coffeemix Manufacturing Ltd.

Smell: Smells like instant coffee.

Taste: The taste is VERY bitter as it appears that ginseng is not a flavor that goes well with coffee.

Review: We though that this would be a great product with an increased health benefit, the ginseng, but the coffee was so bitter it was hardly drinkable, even with the included sugar. The back of the bag says¬† – “You can now drink your favorite coffee and enjoy the goodness of Ginseng at the same time.”¬† We would recommend consuming your coffee without Ginseng – enjoy the coffee and get your Ginseng needs met elsewhere. There are many health brands selling Ginseng in a capsule format, so you can have your Ginseng without the bitter taste, and without ruining a good cup of coffee.

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