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The Starbucks Tribute Blend Coffee

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The NEW coffee from Starbucks called ‘The Tribute Blend’ was released for sale in March of 2011. This blend is a special tribute to the Starbucks customers, celebrating the past 40 years of customers who visit Starbucks stores.

The blend is a combination of Ethiopian and Aged Sumatra. The Aged Sumatra is the smokey, darker roast that Starbucks is famous for in their Christmas Blend and Anniversary Blend. The Ethiopian blend is a lighter roast of coffee beans. The combination of light and dark roasted coffee beans were used to create the new Tribute Blend.

An avid espresso drinker was heard saying :’this is a coffee I could definitely consider drinking‘, even though espresso is their primary brewing method of choice.

The taste is quite smokey, but has that beautiful crisp light roast mixed into the coffee. Strong, but not too dominating.

An after-dinner coffee, especially a delicious pork roast with black beans and white rice.

Best consumed in the company of established coffee drinkers.



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