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VE2 Caffeinated Energy Gum

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VE2 Energy Gum

The Facts:

2 pieces of gum equal one energy drink or one coffee.
Contains Calcium, Ginseng, Guarana, Niacin (40%), Vitamin B6 (40%), Vitamin B12 (40%), and about 150Mg Caffeine for 2 pieces of gum.

Sight and Sound:

Looks like rectangle Chicklets. Makes the ‘crunch’ sound when breaking the hard shell coating, just like a Chicklet.

The Taste:

Very minty with NO caffeine taste (some caffeine candies have a distinct caffeine taste). Just like chewing regular gum.

Other Info:

Buy from – YOU MUST chew the gum for at least 5 minutes to get the full caffeine amount.

Final Comments:

The ultimate test (for a coffee drinker) is to forgo the usual morning caffeine/coffee fix and have this first thing in the morning. This has enough caffeine to postpone the usual morning brew. Quite amazing as this is way cheaper than an energy drink and does NOT have all the sugar or calories.

Highly recommended for those that drink energy drinks.

Also good for coffee drinkers as a back-up plan when coffee may not be readily available.

VE2 EnergyGum –  Peppermint Sugar Free Gum

Additional information:

VE2 co-founders: Andres Sasson, M.D. and John Katsoulis.

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