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ZipFizz – Caffeine Drink with Kona Red

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November 2011 – Caught a display salesman giving out samples of this inside Sam’s Club, you know, over near the massive containers of almonds. The guy was giving out full 16 oz water bottles with the ZipFizz mix. He only had grape, and orange at this freebie display. Sampled the grape one… With the orange one he mixed some non-dairy creamer with the water to make some sort of cream-sickle flavor.

100mg of NATURAL caffeine!
I’ll take TWO, please.

This drink was ‘okay’, grape (or orange) aren’t ideal flavors.

Tasted like a lightly carbonated drink, something like Crystal Light, but with fizz, and CAFFEINE!

Certainly cheaper than buying a pre-made energy drink as these were priced at .75 cents each.

Has vitamin A and C as well other ideal antioxidants.

Do we recommend? Yes, for the price (and the CAFFEINE). Not so much for the flavors though. ZipFizz needs something more unique like MANGO, or Passion fruit, you know, something more tropical.

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