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Directions for Brewing with the Cold Brew Method to make low acid coffee.
and where you can buy a Toddy coffee maker:

How to make cold brew coffee

Brewing this way is really easy. You just need the Cold Brew maker and 1 lb. of coffee, (coarse grounds works best) and 9 cups of cold water. This is the Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker. Below are actual picture of a Toddy Maker in action.

Step One:
Fill the glass part with water.
Mix about 1/3 of the water with 1/2 of the coffee in the Toddy Maker (the big white section). (make sure the filter and plug are in place.)

Step Two:
Pour the rest of the coffee grounds and then the rest of the water into the mixture. Mix gently so all grounds are wet. See photo above.

Step Three:
Leave this sit at room temp. for 12 hours. No need to mix during this process. (covering the mixture with plastic wrap is optional)

Step Four:
Draining the coffee.
Put the white part on top of the glass container and take the plug out. Let the REALLY STRONG COFFEE drain – takes about 40 to 60 min. It will start our dripping fast, then slow near the end. Don’t rush it, you’ll want every drop!

Step Five:
Heat some water. Fill a coffee cup 1/3 of the STRONG COLD BREW into a cup and fill the other 2/3 with hot water. That’s it! Drink and be merry!

Save the rest of the REALLY STRONG COFFEE in the ‘fridge for later use – store in the glass section; last about 1 week – after that it gets that ‘old coffee’ taste. Save the filter disc for reuse. Makes a whole lotta cups of LOW ACID COFFEE. Your coffee friends will love you.

Cold Brew Method for Making Coffee

One of the ‘other’ methods of making coffee. This way is very time consuming and time saving. It is like brewing your coffee way ahead of time, for some people, as much as a weeks worth—for others, almost a whole days worth.

Toddy Maker Cold Brew Coffee System

The Toddy is the original patented “cold brew” coffee maker – brews coffee with 67% less acid – requires no electricity.

Get this Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Toddy Maker Replacement Filters – 12-pack

The picture here looks like the center to a Oreo Cookie. You’ll need these filters when making a cold brew. The cold brew method takes about 12 hours – you usually leave it ‘brewing’ overnight. The results? A very smooth, bold taste, with no bitterness. All of the coffee acids are filtered out during the COLD BREW method. The Drip method (hot) also uses a filter but the cold brewing takes out more of the acid that can make a coffee bitter.

Toddy Cold Brew Replacement Filters:

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