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Cuisinart EM200 Espresso Maker

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This is the great looking espresso maker from Cuisinart. It is programmable, but that isn’t much of a bonus feature as it is best to use the manual method when making espresso with this, or any espresso machine.

This espresso maker can make good crema on the top of an espresso, provided you use the best espresso coffee, and tamp the espresso coffee correctly. It comes with a simple plastic tamper, so you’ll want to get a real stainless steel tamper at some point.

The good points of this espresso maker:
The two sizes of filer baskets (the metal container where you tamp the espresso)
The sturdiness of the espresso maker (it is quite heavy and well made)
The steam wand for frothing milk – this is movable so you can position it how you want

The ‘bad’ points:

The removable water reservoir is plastic, and is probably the only breakable part on the machine. BUT WAIT!It isn’t THAT bad, as you can leave it in place and pour the water into it without removing the reservoir.

Make sure you always use clean water or spring water. As with any coffee maker, and especially an espresso maker, you don’t want to use hard water that can cause a build up which affects the taste and the brewing process. Keep the reservoir in place, and you won’t have to remove it. The good part about it being removable is that you can clean it, so it is a plus, really.

When making an espresso with this and any other machine, be sure you clean the brew head connection (on the machine, and on the portafilter) Any coffee grounds in the way will affect the IMPORTANT seal you need to create crema with the espresso.

Is it noisy? NO. It is a great espresso maker.

The Crema on the Espresso During the Brew Process

Picture of the Cuisinart EM200 Machine

Picture of The CREMA!

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