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Espresso Makers

Okay, if your coffee informed than you would know that having an espresso maker usually means you also now have a cappuccino maker. The one pictured to the left is a cappuccino/espresso maker because it has the milk frother nozzle on the side.

Braun Tassimo Machine TA1200

The oh so amazing pod brew machine. Uses the T-Disc system Dishwasher safe.

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Gaggia 35004 Carezza Espresso Machine

Ah, here is one that is actually CALLED an espresso machine. Wait, it that a nozzle? Okay, it is, so it also makes cappuccinos. Yes, we know, you can make an espresso and add foam and it is NOT a cappuccino, but if you got a milk frother, you got a cappuccino maker, like it or not.

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