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GE 5-Cup Coffee Maker Review – Model 169208

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The GE 5-Cup coffee maker is a digital/programmable coffee maker selling for $20 or less at most department stores. This one has a few extra features not seen in a regular small coffee maker. There is a small charcoal filter in the water compartment, and the coffee makers works as a clock and is programmable. It can be used without programming it, so for those that unplug their coffee maker after each use it will work fine.

It isn’t noisy when it brews coffee, so that is always a good thing. Comes with a reusable plastic filter, so you do not need to purchase coffee filters. With most reusable coffee filters it can eventually show lots of wear and stain, which can affect the coffee taste, so you may need that part replaced, or start using coffee filters – this one requires the cone type of filter.

The only poor design part is the lid to the coffee carafe. When filling the reservoir with water it can get in the way as it is hard to hold closed as you pour the water. Takes some getting used to, so it is not a big deal.

The programmable part is great on this inexpensive coffee maker. 169208

programmable GE coffee

This is the coffee maker we used for this review.

mesh coffee filter

How to program this coffee maker:

Set the time by pressing the HR button (and MIN for minutes)
Press the Prog button (it will light up)
Press the HR (and MIN to set the minute)
Press the Prog again, and it is set to brew the time you chose.

You can test it by setting the PROG one minute ahead of the current time, then see if it starts brewing 1 minute later.

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