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Getting Green Coffee Beans for Home Roasting

Posted: While Drinking Coffee!   |   Online Coffee Store

We just got our order of Sumatra Mandheling unroasted coffee beans, in a FIVE pound bag. The bag comes sealed to keep the green coffee beans fresh. There are many other places to get green coffee beans, but most places charge a high price for shipping the FIVE POUNDS. This bag of coffee beans was $34.

A great low price for five pounds of green coffee beans. Of course you need some kind of roaster for the coffee beans. One of the cheapest methods is the hot air popcorn popper.

It is a good starter roaster, but the popper isn’t recommended because of overheating during the roasting. Plus, it will take a long time to roast the beans because the popper method cannot roast very many beans per roasting.  Invest in a real coffee roaster – we have them listed on our site somewhere.


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