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Coffee Bean Necklace

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Made from 100% sterling silver, this is a single coffee bean charm.

Actual height is 10.11mm – width is 8.12mm – A great gift idea for someone who loves coffee, and wears necklaces.

silver coffee bean

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Rembrandt Charms Coffee Bean Charm - Sterling Silver

A Rembrandt charm is a sentimental journey you can hold in your hand, to relive precious memories, recall special occasions, for a lifetime. It is the classic collectible. No other gift captures a moment as clearly as a fashionable and affordable charm. Celebrate life with this miniature work of art. This coffee bean charm is available in sterling silver, gold plated, 10K yellow gold and 14K yellow gold; please specify your metal selection.

Height 10.11mm Width 8.12mm

Solid 3D
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