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Kona Coffee Grown in Hawaii

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Kona Coffee & Kona Pods
Cheap and not so cheap

It is all the rage, for those than can afford it. Kona coffee is grown in Kona, Hawaii. Sometimes you’ll pay a whole lotta money (expensive), and sometimes you’ll just pay a bit more than you would for ‘normal’ non-kona coffee. It DOES have a different taste compared to regular coffee, sorta nutty, brighter taste. If you have never had kona try a cheaper kona blend before spending a whole lot on the pure stuff.

Important to note:
Watch of for the % of Kona coffee – some have as little as 20%.

Hawaiian Kona Blend Coffee

This is two 12 oz. pack (total of 24 oz of coffee). 100% Arabica Coffee from Kona, Hawaii, and Colombia.

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Kona, from Peet’s Coffee

A half-pound of one of Peet’s Reserve Coffees. Mmmmmm, Konaa!

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Aloha Island KONA-PODS

100% Kona Coffee KONA-PODS for your Senseo or Home Cafe machine. Each KONA-POD brews two cups of rich, full-bodied Dark Roast pure Kona coffee. Hmmm, Kona Pods – good stuff – good stuff!

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Kona Blend 18 Bradford Gourmet Coffee Pods

These are pretty cheap for kona pods, like less than $6 for 18 pods.

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