Herbal Caffeine

Herbal Caffeine Pills

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Herbal Caffeine Pills

Recommended herbal supplements for caffeine consumption.

The main source for caffeine in a herbal supplement is Guarana. This has 90mg of caffeine. The ‘warning’ on the bottle says “Do not take near bedtime“. Yeah, whatever!


Guarana contains about 90mg caffeine per 250mg pill.
Coffee contains about 8-120mg caffeine per cup.
Pepsi contains about 40mg caffeine per 12oz can.

Where to buy Herbal Caffeine:

NOTE: Most of these are very CHEAP – Under $6 per bottle!

Guarana 200 mg 90 caps from Natrol

Guarana Extract – 1 oz. – Liquid

Super Guarana 1200mg – 90 tabs.

Guarana is made from the Paullinia cupana plant/shrub.

Other Herbal Caffeine Sources

Guarana with…
Some products add Guarana Seed Extract such as Ginseng with Guarana (also called Ginseng Rush). Some of these mixes can be found by looking here.

Check the selection of Guarana you can Buy online.

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