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Starbucks K-Cups

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Starbucks K-Cups

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Varieties Available: House Blend, Breakfast Blend, Sumatra, French Roast, Cafe Verona, Pikes Place Roast, New Blonde K Cups


March 2011 – K-Cups are one of the latest coffee products that make brewing coffee much easier, quicker and less work. K-Cups are pre-filled coffee cups that go into a Keurig coffee machine for quick brewing. Companies like Gloria Jeans, Caribou Coffee, Newman’s Own and Tully all have their own K-Cups. Starbucks has YET to make K-Cups. When they do – we will have them here.

In March of 2011 Starbucks signed a deal with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to produce Starbucks K-Cups!!! These will not be available until the Fall of 2011. We will have all of the varieties listed for sale when they are ready to ship.

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Varieties of Starbucks K-Cups – Buy Online:

NEW Blonde K Cups – The light blend – Buy it Here

House Blend – The classic Starbucks variety – Buy it Here

French Roast – The darkest Starbucks coffee – Buy it Here

Breakfast Blend – The light roast for the morning – Buy it Here

Sumatra – Another popular Starbucks variety – Buy it Here

Pikes Place Roast – The daily Starbucks variety – Buy it Here

Caffe Verona – The Italian coffee – Buy it Here

Now you can get that Keurig Coffee Machine you delayed getting because Starbucks K-Cups weren’t available.

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Starbucks Breakfast Blend K-Cups , 54-Count

Starbucks Breakfast Blend K-Cups , 54-Count **10 Bonus K cups = 64 K cups total**
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Xmas K-Cups from Starbucks

Starbucks 2013 Christmas K-Cup 12 K-Cup Pack Spice and Sweetness For use in Keurig K-CUP Brewers

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The Caramel Flavored Starbucks K-Cups

So simple. So Sweet. Caramel adds just the right touch of richness to every cup. Our blend of caramel flavor with a medium-roasted coffee creates moments to savor from the brewing aroma to the very last sip.

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