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Coffee Roaster I-Roast 2

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The I-Roast2 allows you to personalize your own roast curvees. Program your own time and tempurature for each of the 5 roast stages – we recommend the light roast for the full caffeine, or dark roast if you do not want as much caffeine. You can have professional results in just 15 minutes with built-in 4 minute cooling cycle. About as big as a typical food processor. You can roast up to 150g/5.3 oz of green beans enough to brew 24 cups of coffee. Enjoy purest, freshest, and most aromatic coffee for less than 10 cents per cup. Easy to read LCD display shows time, temperature, and roast stage for accurately monitoring the roast process. You can now save and recall 10 roast curves from memory. A great and inexpensive way to roast coffee at home without all the mess. Industrial size roasters be very expensive, use a lot of electricity, and cause lots of mess. A side benefit of using an indoor coffee roaster is that you have the whole kitchen smelling like the freshest coffee ever!


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