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This is the NEW (Sept 29, 2009) coffee from Starbucks called VIA. It is an INSTANT coffee sold in their stores or online. They are not offering it ready to drink at the store, but in a packet format so you can take it home and brew it when you want. OK, you don’t ‘brew’ it, you pour it in a cup and add hot water. Sold in 3 pack and 12 pack. Not much cheaper than other brands. The store manager said it was a 20 year process to develop this new ‘tastes like real brew’ instant coffee. Comes in Colombian and Italian Roast. The store was giving small cup samples of the Italian Roast. It was VERY STRONG!

We have a take home free sample packet of Colombian which we will taste and review soon. The Italian Roast did have a hint of instant coffee taste. A coffee alternative, not really a replacement. You don’t think Starbucks would prefer to sell their instant coffee over the more expensive real brew coffee do you? This is a take it home and make it kind of product. The store most likely will not give you a cup of hot water so you can drink it in the store.

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Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Italian Roast Coffee by Starbucks Coffee

Enjoy rich, full-body flavor in an instant coffee. Made from 100% Arabica beans. Microground to preserve essential oils and flavor. Packed in convenient individual-serving sticks. Beverage Type: Coffee Flavor: Italian Roast Packing Type: Box.
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