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Nescafe Clasico – The Starbucks VIA Alternative Instant Coffee Competition

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This existed way before Starbucks VIA.
Compare prices:
Nescafe Clasico – 8 packets for .94 cents
Starbucks VIA – 3 packets for $2.99
Cost per Nescafe packet = 11 cents
Cost per Starbucsk packet = 99 cents
Nescafe also offers decaffienated packets.
Nescafe needs to have a Take the Instant Coffee Challenge.
The Starbucks VIA (about $1) is cheaper that buying their regular coffee (about $1.60)
Or have a cup of coffee from Nescafe (about 11 cents!!!) You can take it 'on the go' just like VIA, mix it with hot water or ice water, just like VIA.
Even mix it with milk, just like VIA. Be smart – drink coffee – spend less.

End of Discussion on this one.

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