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Saeco Coffee Maker – Talea Giro Double Super Espresso Machine ~ Good for Latte Art

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In order to make good latte art you need the espresso to foam (brown)
so when you add the steamed milk froth you can make the cool designs.
Does cool latte art make the coffee taste better? probably not, but it
is still fun to do!
Part of the new Talea line designed by BMW Designworks USA, the Talea
Giro Espresso Maker features Saeco's latest innovations including a
Giro (dial) interface, SBS Saeco Brewing System, ceramic disc grinder
and drip tray with manual Touch Lift technology. The newly redesigned
steam wand allows for easy frothing and also dispenses hot water for
tea or hot cocoa. Using the Giro dial to adjust beverage volume, it is
easier than ever before to customize and brew gourmet coffee drinks at
home. With its sleek lines and elegant finish, the Talea Giro is a
perfect fit in any kitchen. Get creative!
Like Tony Little says: YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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