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7 Best Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Coffee Drinkers

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When it comes to Christmas, birthday or special occasion shopping for a coffee drinker it can be difficult to think of what to buy as a Gift, other than the usual coffee beans. But, buying the standard coffee beans for can be complicated due to the number of choices.
Christmas Coffee Tree
Do they prefer a certain brand and certain style of roasted beans? Do you know if they like to try new flavored coffees like Blueberry Muffin coffee or Mocha. If you do not know if the person likes, or dislikes, flavored coffee, I would recommend not getting any actual coffee to brew. If you are stuck on what kind of coffee to get, there are many inexpensive things you can still get a coffee drinker for Christmas. Let’s begin the list!

A List of the Best Affordable Gift Ideas for Coffee Drinkers

Coffee Bean Storage
The first thing a coffee drinker may like is a container designed especially for storing coffee beans (or ground coffee). The containers usually come with other items such as a coffee scoop and a reusable date tracker so you can keep track of when the coffee was stored. Fresh coffee is best when it is, well, fresh! Just do not put this coffee container in the freezer. The container should have an airtight seal. Most of the coffee canisters come in all black, but you may be able to find other colors. Would I like this for Christmas? Yes. View the Coffee Bean Storage here.

Coffee bar mat
The next thing you could buy for a coffee drinker is a cool coffee bar mat. This can turn a boring coffee counter area into a cleaner home coffee bar. The mats come in plain solid colors, or with words and designs. Know your coffee drinker. Would they have use for this? Do they tend to make a mess when they brew coffee at home? Then this would be a great gift for a coffee drinker. The silicone mats would help to trap spills, while other mats would absorb the small spills so it would not require daily cleaning. Also helps protect the counter from coffee stains. Check out the Coffee Bar Mat here.

Inexpensive Doesn’t Have to Mean Cheap

Coffee station organizer
To go along with the coffee bar mat, you could get a coffee station organizer. You know, the ones that look like the coffee area in a hotel, or a smaller version of what you see in Starbucks. Would this be useful to every coffee drinker? It depends on the coffee drinker. For those that drink their coffee black.a coffee station wouldn’t store anything useful. For the coffee drinkers that use things like Splenda, sugar, coffee stirrers, cinnamon powder or any other coffee flavorings. If your coffee drinker prefers to use a Keurig, make sure the coffee station organizer can hold K-Cups.

Handheld Milk Frother
Okay, this coffee gift idea would only be good if you know the person likes to jazz up their coffee with whipped cream on their espresso. The milk frother can also help in making the Dalgona whipped coffee. If you think they would like to whip up some Dalgona for Christmas, the milk frother would be a great gift. To make the Dalgona you also need instant coffee. You can add a small container of instant coffee to the gift so they can make the whipped coffee on Christmas morning. The milk frother can be stored in the new fancy coffee station organizer, if you want to get several gifts for a coffee drinker.

Coffee Gum
A bit of a cheap novelty type of gift, the coffee gum can be a simple add-on to an existing coffee gift for coffee drinkers. The Simply Gum – coffee flavor is a cool and fun gift, but it may not be something a coffee drinker would want to chew often. Not easy to find a coffee flavored gum that also has a decent punch of caffeine. Quite a few mint flavored gums to choose from that can have up to the same amount of caffeine that is in a regular cup of coffee. The caffeine mint gum can be a good gift idea, but the coffee gum is unique, if you want to buy something that others wouldn’t think of looking for and buying.

Give a Coffee Drinker some Caffeinated Snacks

Caffeinated Chocolate Bites from Awake
Sticking with the food category I found a few other coffee related snacks that would be a nice gift – The Awake caffeinated bites (yes, with caffeine), the Werthers caramel coffee bites. Caffeinated gummies would fall into this food category. They look like a vitamin gummy, but the primary feature is the dose of caffeine. Some of the foods with caffeine may contain plant-based caffeine, similar to an energy drink. If you want the non plant-based caffeine snacks you need to read the ingredients carefully. The Awake Caffeinated Bites fit this description, and two of the bites contain the same amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee. Other varieties in this brand contain the same amount of caffeine as a single cup of coffee. Intense caffeine rush, so be careful to not eat these like a regular snack or you could take on too much caffeine. Coffee drinkers love the caffeine, so you shouldn’t go wrong getting this as a gift for Christmas.

Coffee Drinkers Love to Wear Coffee Themed T-Shirts for Christmas

The Coffee Molecule T-Shirt
The final suggestion for what to get a coffee drinker for Christmas is the beloved coffee molecule shirt. The plain coffee molecule shirt has that Big Bang Theory vibe, so if the person you want to get this gift for is not on the coffee geek scale, you should opt for the other coffee shirts with phrases and t-shirt art. Many have the traditional meme sayings like “A Day Without Coffee is.. I Have No Idea”, and “No Coffee – No Workie”, and “Dunkie Junkie”. A “Peace, Love and Coffee” shirt is also a low-key coffee gift idea.

The best gift may be a practical coffee gift for a coffee drinker on Christmas would be the Coffee Canister and the coffee bar mat. Both of these items would be very useful, and very coffee related. I would stay away from novelty coffee mugs because many coffee drinkers already have their favorite coffee mug, and the new mug would just be stored for later use (or never used). Coffee candles look like a good idea, but they rarely smell anything like fresh brewed coffee – fun to look at, but not very useful. The caffeinated food choices might just be a fun type of gift as a stocking stuffer if you just want to get a bunch of random coffee gifts.

Have fun Christmas shopping for the picky coffee drinker with the List of 7 Gift Ideas for Coffee Drinkers Besides Coffee. Choose wisely, because Christmas only comes once a year.

List of Affordable Gifts for Coffee Lovers
(things that did not make the 7 Best Gift Ideas)

Coffee Coasters – So many to choose from – Everything from mini rugs to coasters with novelty sayings.
Coffee Magnets – Simple refrigerator magnets with coffee sayings and quotes.
Coffee Socks – Especially the ones with “If you can read this, bring me some coffee
Cafe Themed Kitchen Towels – You know the ones with pictures of coffee beans and grinders.
Key Chain with Coffee Sayings – “With Enough Coffee I can Rule the World
Starbucks Xmas Ornaments – For coffee lovers that like Starbucks
Coffee Scented Air Fresheners for the Car – You know, the cool inexpensive ones that you keep long after the coffee scent has vanished. The boba tea car air fresheners also look really nice.

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