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What Makes Someone an Avid Coffee Drinker?

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Are you or someone you know really into coffee? Do you consider you or someone you know a real Coffee Lover? If this is anything you would call someone, or yourself, then you just may be a traditional Avid Coffee Drinker. Here we have 7 traits that would make you, or someone you know, an avid coffee drinker.

Avid coffee drinkers know the difference between a good cup of coffee and a horrible attempt at a cup of coffee.

The Discerning Coffee Drinker
If you can tell the different between coffee roasts, and types of coffee beans just by scent or appearance, you could call yourself a discerning coffee drinker. A discerning coffee drinker likes many varieties of coffee and does not stick to the same daily coffee.

The Curious Coffee Drinker
If you are always interested in learning about different types of coffee beans, new coffee roasts, and brewing methods at home then you may be a Curious Coffee Drinker. You probably love trying new coffee drinks on the menu at Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts and like to experiment with new blends and custom roasts like the myriad of Maxwell House coffee roasts.

The Adventurous Coffee Drinker
If you are simply adventurous when it comes to coffee then you fall under the Avid Coffee Drinker title. If you find yourself always willing to try new brewing machines such as the pourover, the aeropress, adding different sugar alternatives such as monk fruit or stevia then you are adventurous in the world of coffee. When it comes to coffee you are not afraid to step out of your traditional comfort coffee zone and try something new on the menu.

The Analytical Coffee Drinker
If you pay attention to every detail in your coffee drink, from the grind method to the water temperature and types of water, then you fall under the the Analytical Coffee Drinker aka the Avid Coffee Drinker. The Analytic Coffee Drinker will usually know what coffee type goes with a particular meal. Find yourself always looking for ways to improve your coffee brewing process? Yes, you are an avid coffee drinker.

The Social Coffee Drinker
If you enjoy meeting friends or fellow work partners at unique or new coffee shops or consider the best style of date to be a coffee date then you are the Social Coffee Drinker. Always up for a coffee-related discussion, if it’s a coffee bean festival (wish this was an annual event) or a meet and greet you most likely bring a coffee.

The Creative Coffee Drinker
If are creative when it comes to your coffee, then you would qualify as an Avid Coffee Drinker. You might add a bit of amaretto syrup or look for a new variety of almond or soy milk for your latte. Creative and avid, for sure.

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The Nostalgic Coffee Drinker
Avid coffee drinkers love telling personal stories about coffee. The favorite coffee story of an avid coffee drinker is usually about how they remember the experience of their first coffee. Like the ‘One time at band camp‘ story, only about coffee.

An avid coffee drinker will often have many of the 7 traits that makes them different from a casual coffee drinker.

If you find that the coffee drinker types mentioned here seem to describe you then, you, or someone you know, could be called an avid coffee drinker.

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