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Zingo Mints with Caffeine

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Zingo mints Green and Yellow Caffeinated

These were a popular caffeine mint in the late 90s and early 2000’s. The sugar-free mints came in two styles: Caffeinated and regular. The Zingo’s Extra Strength Peppermints in the green tin and the Extra Strength Caffeinated Peppermints in the yellow tin. Both tins had Net Wt 1 3/4 OZ, 50g. Made by Brown and Haley. The photo below contains an assortment of regular and caffeinated mints.

Sadly, they are no longer made, but there are many other brands available. The Zingo Mints were the best because it was only about $2-3 for a tin of 50 mints. The caffeine content was 3 mints to equal the caffeine in a regular cup of coffee.

The Penguin caffeinated mints would be the closest to replicating the Zingos Mints experience.


zingos mints

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Vita Mints with CAFFEINE

Nice tin of caffeine mints similar to Zingos Mints

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Questions and Answers - Zingo Mints with Caffeine

It seems that caffeine mints, and caffeine gum are really hard to find in typical stores. The Zingos were our favorite In-Between-Coffee mints. Keep your caffeine level at full strength!

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