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What is Inside a K-Cup?

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We cut open a K-Cup to see what was inside. It is not as much coffee as you would think. There is a real small coffee filter inside. Real fresh coffee smell when you cut it open, which is the appeal of the Keurig K-Cups… the FRESH coffee. So, now you know what is inside a K-Cup. No need to cut open your K-Cup. Note: 1 K-Cup was harmed in this discovery.

Yes, there is just regular coffee inside the K-Cup, no magical coffee brewing contraption.


Just a tiny single-serve coffee filter, pre-filled with coffee.


Using K-Cups to is not the best way to make coffee because you cannot control exactly how strong you want your coffee. Also, you are limited to the amount of grounds in the K-Cup. You cannot add extra coffee grounds to make a stronger cup of coffee. Since the coffee is pre-ground, you cannot get the freshest coffee like you can when you grind your own beans.


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