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15 Popular Slang Terms for Coffee

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Coffee can be called many other names, such as Morning Joe, Wake-Up Juice, and Rocket Fuel. We’ve collected 15 of the popular slang terms for coffee with a little information about each term. Why is coffee often called “A Cup of Joe”?

Here is our list of slang terms for coffee:

Could be the most popular term for coffee

The word Joe has that old-school coffee drinker vibe seen in black and white movies. Joe is also what Burger King would use for their coffee, BK Joe. The movie GI Joe is not about government coffee.

Cup of Joe

Could be the 2nd most common slang term for coffee.

Java is also a computer programming language, and many programmers commonly drink a lot of coffee, or ‘Java’. This famous coffee movie quote refers to coffee as java.

A tame slang term for coffee.

Let’s do the Brew! Who wants a brew? If this is said in the morning you know exactly what the person is referring to: coffee. Many jokes and memes also use the word ‘Brew’ when talking about coffee. See: the Hebrews It meme.

Coffee slang word Brew

Another old-school coffee slang term

This word can be a general word to replace coffee, but it usually has a negative connotation meaning the cup of coffee was made with way too much of the coffee grounds. Thick dark mud. Not the best cup of coffee if you call it Mud.

Coffee slang word Mud

Bean Juice
An obscure slang term for coffee.

Bean Juice sounds a bit silly, but can still be used when talking about coffee. Can I get a cup of bean juice before we start this Calculus study session?

Black Gold
Black Gold can be used when talking about coffee

The coffee slang phrase Black Gold can also be about oil. If you drink your coffee black, and consider the coffee your most prized possession, then Black Gold is a good slang term to use when talking about coffee.

Coffee slang phrase Black Gold

Cup of Joe
See the general term Joe.

This phrase can be a witty way to order a coffee at I-Hop. Give me a large stack of flapjacks, some OJ and a Cup of Joe. Has that Southern or NYC type of sound.

Jitter Juice
One of the least popular slang terms for coffee

Jitter Juice sounds more like a phrase for Red Bull or other highly caffeinated canned drinks. Go ahead and use the term when talking about coffee. It might be helpful to have a cup of coffee at hand so you can raise the mug and say All praise the Jitter Juice!

Coffee slang phrase Jitter Juice

Yet another old-school slang term for coffee

This slang falls into the same category as Mud since it is usually said as an insult to someones coffee brewing quality. The slang word also brings to mind what you would call a double percolated coffee that has also seen a few rounds in the microwave. Geez, this tar is awful. Where did you learn how to brew anyway?

Go Juice
Go Juice is like gas for breakfast.

This slang term sounds like it could be used in reference to everything from gasoline to apple juice. Also good as a slang term for coffee, but works best in context. Nothing like a dozen donuts and some Go Juice in the morning!

Liquid Energy
Another multi-liquid slang term that can be used when talking about coffee.

Not to be confused with Liquid Courage, which is slang for another liquid. Liquid Energy is a positive term to use when talking about coffee. Similar to the No Coffee No Workie phrase. No work without some of that liquid energy!

Cup of Jamoke
A very old slang term for coffee or a person that lacks common sense and other cognitive abilities

A blend of the words Java and Mocha. Stick to Cuppa Joe instead of this slang, unless you were born in 1922 or something.

Black Sabbath
An obscure slang term for sure.

The coffee you drink on Sunday after Bible school. Nothing better than a pure cup of Black Sabbath on a Sunday afternoon. Okay, this a a new one, created by WeGotCoffee. Do not see this catching on anytime soon, but we could be wrong.

Coffee slang phrase Black Sabbath

Breakfast Elixir
A breakfast pairing – big cup of breakfast blend coffee.

Could be used by fans of Big Bang Theory. Has that fancy science feel to it.

Caffeine Fix
A common coffee reference that does not require explaining.

Here is the required explanation: Coffee, it is another word for coffee. Anyone who uses this to refer to tea or an energy drink is just wrong.

This concludes our list of 15 nicknames for coffee. If you think we should add another word or phrase to the list let us know.

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