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Coffee and the Related Colors

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Coffee has a few standard related colors, with brown being the most common in word association. Here we list a few of the common colors you would pair with the word coffee. Included is the Hex color you can use for CSS, and a book that can pair with the color.

Brown: The Color of the Coffee Beans

The first thing you think of when you hear the word “coffee” is the rich and delicious, warm brown color of the roasted coffee beans, and the same brown in a fresh ground coffee. The brown color can range from the rich tan of lightly roasted beans to the deep rich and oily brown of a dark roasted coffee bean, common in a French Roast. The coffee brown is the best of all colors available.

What is a good book that combines the color brown and coffee?
Dear Coffee Buyer – Ryan Brown
Okay, it wasn’t as easy as it seems to find a book that has coffee AND brown in the title, but this should qualify. The book is about buying coffee beans.

Hex color for coffee brown: #4a2c2a

Coffee Color Brown

Black: The Classic Color of Brewed Coffee

The second color you would associate with coffee is the deep and dark black in a fresh brewed coffee. If you prefer your coffee straight from the brew you probably love this color when associating colors with coffee. If you like your coffee with a little bit of milk, the black coffee is still the color you see before adding dairy or non-dairy milks. Some will say that adding the different milks will take away from the pure beauty and pure taste of a coffee. An even richer and seemingly darker black is the freshly made espresso, sans crema.

What is a book that has Black and Coffee in the title?
Black Coffee: A Guide to Buying, Brewing, and Enjoying written by Nick Cho and Timothy Castle
A book all about the best coffee ever – black coffee! A book that focuses on coffee roasts and brewing methods.

Hex color for black coffee: #000000

Coffee Color Black

Beige: The Color of Coffee with added milks.

For coffee drinkers who prefer their coffee to stray away from the pure black the added milk of choice will result in what is probably your favorite coffee related color, beige. When adding the milks you know the exact color of beige that will taste the best for your coffee. Cream or half and half will bring your black coffee up to beige rather quickly. The beige is a little lighter than the pre-brewed brown color.

A book that has coffee and beige in the title?
In all our travels, we have not seen a book with these two words, but you can get a blank coffee journal that features a lot of tan colors on the cover.

Hex color for beige coffee: #967969

Coffee Color Beige

White: The Foam Color of the top of your Latte

The white frothed milk visually pairs nicely with the coffee brown color. Just the right amount of contrast to make photogenic latte art. Even if you prefer your coffee to be pure black, you still might salivate at the beauty of the white and brown at the top of the coffee cup.

A book that has the words White and Coffee in the title?
Our choice: Coffee Life in Japan by Merry White
It has the word coffee the word white on the cover. Runner up is a book called Most Delicious Coffee Recipes – Coffee with Milk by Barista Guys.

Hex color for white coffee: #FFFFFF

Coffee Color White

Red: The Color of the Coffee Cherry

What? Red coffee? Well, yes, because the coffee beans actually come from a red fruit called the coffee cherry. It is what is removed from the harvested bean to reveal the yummy unroasted coffee bean. Not exactly yummy, as you wouldn’t want to eat or drink your daily coffee from the raw green beans. Just seeing the bean right out of the red coffee cherry will get you thinking about a fresh cup of coffee.

A book that has the word Red and the word Coffee in the title?
Ventis and Victims: Red Line Coffee Shop Mysteries by DB McNicol
Has a nice photos of a to-go paper coffee cup on the cover.

Hex color for coffee cherry: #CC252C

Coffee Color Red
Coffee Hex Colors in a Table Layout
Coffee Color Brown
Coffee Color Black
Coffee Color Beige
Coffee Color White
Coffee Color Red

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