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4 Interesting Coffee Movie Quotes

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Nightmare on Elm Street Coffee Quote

Nightmare on Elm Street – “And stop drinking that damn coffee!”
This movie also features Freddy Kreuger getting hit in the head with an 80’s coffee pot.

These are quotes from different movies in which the character says something really memorable about coffee.

“It’s coffee time…to hell with everything else”

This is from Kingdom of the Spiders, a ‘scary movie’ from 1977 starring William Shatner. This is said by the lodge master the morning after the spiders took over the town and trapped her and several others in the lodge. Rather than check if it was safe to leave the house she goes directly to the COFFEE! Because, coffee FIRST, spiders LATER.

Kingdom of the Spiders

“It’s coffee time – coffee coffee coffee coffee, cappuccino – java, yes!”

This is from Dantes Peak, a 1997 disaster film about a volcano. This is said by one of the science geeks monitoring the volcanic activity.
Dante’s Peak

“C’mon, make that coffee to go”

This was said by Tommy DeVito (played by Joe Pesci) in the awesome 1990 movie GoodFellas. It was after a non-so-nice scene where his ‘helper’ was getting some coffee in the house where the crime was committed. Something else is said right after this quote but it is difficult to understand. Perhaps watching it on CC would clarify. Sounds like: Go over with you, I’m ready.

“Janet, get me some more coffee!”

The quote comes from the movie Halloween II. About 15 minutes into the movie Dr. Mixter asks requests coffee, to be poured into a white Styrofoam cup. The quote isn’t ground breaking (pun intended), but it is a rare mention of coffee in a horror movie.

Honorable Mentions for Coffee Movie Quotes:

Leaving Las Vegas
– “You should be drinking coffee.

Vegas coffee quote

– “Make that coffee to go. Let’s go.”


Star Trek TOS
Season 1 Episode
“I used a hand phaser, and zap– hot coffee.”

Star Trek Coffee Episode

Looking for More Coffee Movie Quotes?

Our List of 15 Coffee Movies:

1995 Addicted to Black
1953 Big Heat
2005 Black Gold
1992 Black Harvest
1980 Cafe Express
2003 Coffee and Cigarettes
1954 Green Fire
2001 Original Sin
2001 Will & Grace: Coffee & Commitment
1998 Art House
2003 Box
1995 Bucket of Blood
1989 Cappuccino
1970 Five Easy Pieces
2008 The 1st Shop Coffee Prince (Korean)


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