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Starbucks Secret Menu Drink Recipe – Vanilla Bean Caramel with Sweet Cream and Cold Foam

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The secret menu at Starbucks is a collection of created drinks that were invented by customers and baristas at Starbucks.

How to Order the Vanilla Bean Caramel Crunch from the Secret Menu at Starbucks

Secret Menu Drink at Starbucks

Recipe for Vanilla Bean Caramel Crunch Cold Drink

Secret Menu Drink Ingredients

  • Vanilla Bean Caramel Frappuccino
  • Sweet Cream
  • Cold Foam
  • Extra Caramel Drizzle
  • Cookie Crumbles Throughout

How to order this secret menu drink at Starbucks:

Hello Starbucks Barista, can I please order a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with a pump of caramel syrup added?
Please add sweet cream cold foam on top
Also, can you please add extra caramel drizzle throughout the drink.
Lastly, can you please add cookie crumbles throughout the drink, and on top?
Thank you!

Top of the Secret Menu Drink

The hot and cold coffee drinks are not officially listed on the in-store Starbucks menu, but if you know the right ingredients and how to order the drinks, you can enjoy a unique drink that will be quite tasty and something you can post to social media with a candid review. Most of the secret menu drinks do not have official names in that you cannot just order the drink by name. You’ll have to order the drink by ingredients, in the proper order so the drink will be made correctly.

The addition of extra caramel drizzle will create a beautiful and delicious caramel flavor that will make your drink look and taste amazing, as you can see from our photos.

If you’re feeling adventurous and are heading out to Starbucks you’ll want to try this unique drink. This drink is a cold, dessert style drink without the caffeine.

If you also want caffeine you should pair this with an order of espresso. Drink the espresso and then enjoy this drinkable dessert.

Questions and Answers - Starbucks Secret Menu Drink Recipe – Vanilla Bean Caramel with Sweet Cream and Cold Foam

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