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Starbucks 2021 Menu and Prices – Tall Grande Venti

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Here we have a 2021 photo of the Starbucks coffee prices. Photo taken at the drive-thru, January, 2021.

Tall = 12fl oz
Grande = 16fl oz
Venti = 20fl oz

Listed by Espresso Beverages, Handcrafted Tea, Brewed Hot Coffee.

The menu lists Starbucks Blonde, Medium or Dark Roast, but the Blonde Roast is often not available. In-store would normally say “we can do a pour-over if you don’t mind waiting”. In the drive-thru the wait is not possible. Pikes Place Roast it is.

Menu from the East Coast in the United States.

The All-Day Breakfast Menu – Starbucks 2021

Compare the 2021 Starbucks prices to 2012 prices:

Starbucks 2012 price menu

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