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Brand of Coffee Served at Olive Garden

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Coffee at one of the most famous pasta restaurants in America – The Olive Garden.  Served in a coffee cup with saucer during a dine-in lunch.

What is the coffee blend is served at Olive Garden?

The coffee is called Caffe la Toscanas.

Where can you buy Olive Garden coffee?
The coffee is made exclusively for the Olive Garden, so you (currently) cannot buy it on Amazon or in stores.  You could try and ask your sever if you can buy it during your next visit to Olive Garden.

In a cup with Caffe la Toscana written on the inside:

What company makes Olive Garden coffee?

The company that makes the coffee: S&D Coffee, Inc. The company currently does not sell the Caffee la Toscana to the public.

Direct information from Olive Garden:
“we serve Caffe la Toscana Coffee which is made exclusively for Olive Garden restaurants. Thanks!”

You can buy the Olive Garden dressings in grocery stores as of 2020, but no sign of the coffee, yet.

coffee at Olive Garden

The other item at Olive Garden with ‘Toscana’ in the name is the Zuppa Toscana, which is a soup with Italian sausage, kale, and russet potatoes.

The coffee photo, above, is the actual Olive Garden coffee I ordered with lunch.

Source: BizJournals ( 2004/05/24/daily16.html )

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Questions and Answers - Brand of Coffee Served at Olive Garden

It appears this is a coffee made exclusively for Olive Garden.

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