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National Coffee Day – Free Coffee and Deals

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National Coffee day for 2020 happens on TUESDAY, September 29th.

Here’s a list of free coffee, and deals on coffee, for Sept. 29th:

Circle K – The gas station convenience store – With their app you can get a FREE medium sized coffee. Texting COFFEE to 253279 can also get you the coffee.

Barnes & Noble – The bookstore with Starbucks sidekick – Depending on the location requirements you can get a FREE hot or iced Starbucks coffee, either completely free, or free with a required purchase. Get a good book and a free coffee.

WAWA – The gas station and convenience store offers free coffee, with the app as a registered member. Best to do the registration before you go. Check the app for details on the coffee sizes available.

Cumberland Farms – The other gas station and convenience store – Not exactly known for their delicious coffee, but it IS delicious when it is FREE. You have to text the word COFFEE to their text number 64827 so you can get the free digital coupon.

Dunkin’ Donuts – The coffee and donuts shop – Get a free coffee here with a purchase. Awee, don’t complain, you probably would have purchased something anyways.

Krispy Kreme – The other coffee and donuts shop – Super awesome deals here. You can get a FREE coffee AND a FREE doughnut ( If you have the app as a registered member you get the FREE doughnut. Otherwise, you just get a free coffee.)

7-11 – You have to be a rewards member, but you can get a great deal on coffee: $1 for any size, only on National Coffee Day.

Starbucks – The ‘FREE’ coffee requires a bit of work here. You have to use the app to purchase a coffee, a ‘large’ or Grande. Once you do that you should get a credit for a free coffee added to your account.

Disclaimer: We have not 100% verified the deals, and the deals can change at any time.

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