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Top 10 Coffee Drinks

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This is our list of the most popular coffee drinks you can get in coffee shops.


1. Coffee – Just a regular coffee

2. Espresso – ‘condensed’ coffee brewed by forcing water through coffee grinds.

3. Cappuccino – 2 parts espresso, 1part steamed milk, topped with milk froth.

3. Cafe Latte – 1 part espresso, 1 part steamed milk and very little milk froth.

4. Cafe Au Lait – 2 parts espresso, 2 parts hot milk.

5.  Cafe Americano – 1 part espresso and 3 parts hot water.

6. Macchiato – 1 part espresso and topped with milk foam.

7. Cafe Con Leche – 1 part espresso and 1 part steamed milk plus 1 tsp. sugar

8. Cafe Mocha – 1 part espresso & 2 parts steamed milk w/ 1tsp. cocoa powder.

9. Cafe Breve – 1 part espresso 1 part steamed half and half.

10. Espresso Con Panna – 1 part espresso – topped with whipped cream.

That is our list of ten popular coffee drinks.

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The list is pretty much what you can order at any decent coffee shop. There are other special coffee drinks, but they are rare to find on the menu because they are just not popular, most likely due to their taste.

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