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30 oz Starbucks Coffee – New Trenta Coffee Size

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March 2010 – This is a NEW coffee size offered at Starbucks.

Venti means 20 (as in 20 oz of coffee) in Italian
Trenta means 30 (as in 30 oz of coffee (really 31 oz)) – in Italian

Currently being tested in Phoenix and Tampa – If sales are as they hope, it will expand to other cities!

Just think how much more productive you will be after downing a Trenta!

Kinda like the 7-11 Big Gulp!

January 2011 Update:

This is being sold in these cities because their studies have shown the locations to have a larger population of coffee drinkers. Also, this new size is for the COLD coffee. (They may try it in their hot coffee if their test marketing goes well.)

See the NEW Starbucks 2011 menu with the new Trenta size with prices:


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