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McDonald's Chipotle BBQ Sauce – Where Can You Buy This Sauce?

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McDonald’s Discontinued Sauce

This is a BBQ sauce that is so close to the taste of the McDonald’s Chipotle that it just may be the same sauce.

McDonald’s offered this with their specialty chicken as a dipping sauce, but you could ask for it with the McNuggets. Didn’t know McDonald’s had a chipotle bbq sauce until I received this when asking for BBQ sauce, back around 2012. After, what seemed to be an endless search, I found the KC Masterpiece Smoky Chipotle sauce. This KC Masterpiece sauce is hard to find. The package for the McD’s sauce didn’t say KC Masterpiece, but it tasted exactly the same as the awesome hot BBQ sauce from McDonald’s.

The McDonald’s chipotle BBQ sauce was discontinued in 2017

So, how does the KC Masterpiece Smoky Chipotle taste? High heat, way better than any of the other BBQ sauces that claim Hot and Spicy.

A Go-to for chipotle lovers.

Perfectly Chipotle!!

You’ll find many sauces that have the chipotle flavor, but this one by KC Masterpiece tastes just like the McDonalds chipotle sauce.

Even better is the KC Masterpiece Fiery Habanero Sauce, which is a step above the heat of the chipotle.

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KC Masterpiece Sweet Roasted Chipotle Barbecue Sauce - Hot Hot Hot!

Similar to the McDonalds Chipotle Sauce

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