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Do the Coffee Flavored Oreos Have Caffeine?

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Nice new edition to the myriad of Oreo varieties.

Java Chip Oreo’s

coffee Oreos

Goes well with coffee, if you like snacks with sugar. Flavored by java.
Standard Oreo cookies have caffeine from the cocoa in the cookies. This amount is 1.3mg of caffeine.*

* source: CaffeineInformer and CaffeinePark

The caffeine is not from the coffee flavor.
Flavored with ‘java’, not caffeine.

Java Oreo Ingredients List
Oreo Java Cookies Price 2023

The caffeine amount of 1 chocolate Oreo cookie is considered very low. A typical 8oz cup of coffee can have about 100mg of caffeine; a standard package of Oreos contain 36 cookies. You would have to eat around 3 packages of Oreo cookies to reach the caffeine level of a small 8oz cup of coffee.

Oreo Java Cookies Ingredients List

Contains: Sugar, Unbleached Flour, Riboflavin, Palm Oil, Cocoa, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Salt, Yellow 5 Lake, Corn Syrup, Chocolate, Red 40 Lake, Blue 1 Lake.
As you can see, the cookies do not have coffee listed as an ingredient. You’ll have to dunk the cookies in coffee if you want the cookies to have caffeine from real coffee.

Questions and Answers - Do the Coffee Flavored Oreos Have Caffeine?

Quite expensive for a cookie!

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