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Comparing Trader Joe's Simply Nutty Bars

Posted: While Drinking Coffee!   |   Food Reviews
Reviewed By: WeGotCoffee
Rating: 4 Star Rating

For this comparison we chose the yellow box, Dark Chocolate, Nuts and Sea Salt bars & the Dark Chocolate, Walnut, Peanut, Fig and Date bar.

First thing you notice, is that their titles are similar, with one having fruit added.

The Sea salt bars were much crunchier than the Fig and Date bars.
The tastes were pretty close, and the main difference was the sea salt variety.
The bars look a little different, as you can see in the photos.
And easy choice of the two is the Sea Salt variety.
The yellow box doesn’t mention Almonds, but this is clearly the difference maker.

Last Word: We’d go for the green box, for texture.

End of Discussion on this one.