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Green Tea Matcha Mints from Trader Joe’s

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A great mint, although it has a much milder mint taste due to the green tea.
Trader Joes Green Tea Mints
Not much sugar in these, but not sugar free either. Nice that it has Matcha Tea as part of the ingredients.
Also contains: Cane sugar, Peppermint oil, Honey, Vegetable color from Tumeric and Red Cabbage.

The case for the green tea mints is quite unique as it has a ‘window’ so you can see how many mints you have left.
Each mint has about 3 calories, and the container lists the serving size as THREE mints.

2g sugar in three mints is not too bad. If you like to freak out about sugar content, then this may not be the Trader Joe’s mints for you.

The texture is similar to the mints by Velamints – slightly soft if you bite the mint. Nothing like a typical mint like a Life Saver mint.

Trader Joes Tea Mint Prices

Caffeine is not listed, so we will assume there is minimal, or no, caffeine.

Total mints in the can: 3 x 18 , or about 54 mints.
Usually found by the register at Trader Joe’s along with other seasonal mints – You can also buy the green tea mints on Amazon instead of going to TJ’s and dealing with the always-crowded parking lots.

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