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We Had Oikos Red Velvet Cake and it Wasn't Our Bithday

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A bit shocking to see a cake flavored (and colored) Oikos amongst the yogurts.
Judging by the photo on the container you may assume the yogurt also had a sweet frosting to go with the cake flavor. We too, were disappointed.

The taste was a bit like a Red Velvet cake, but it wasn’t strong enough to taste like cake.

Red velvet cake is known for it’s really really dark red. As you can see in the photo, the red is tame.
This one is not a favorite – mostly because it wasn’t a healthy fruit.
Not likely to buy again. We file this under the subject: Novelty Yogurt.
Star Trek flavored yogurt – now that’s a flavor we could stand behind.
Sugars right up there with the real fruit varieties.

Contains less than 1% of black carrot. We’re guessing that’s where the pink color comes from.

End of Discussion on this one.